Category: Farm & Forest Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Forest Management & GHG Mitigation

Forests play an important role in the global carbon cycle. Forests act as a carbon sink, meaning they take carbon Read more »

Soil Carbon Management Opportunities

Management of soil carbon can increase the amount of carbon in soil organic matter, which reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) in Read more »

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Opportunities

Nitrogen fertilizer is critical for crop production, but applying too much at an inopportune time reduces profitability and increases environmental Read more »

Energy Efficiency & Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Fossil fuel combustion in the agricultural sector is a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, which accelerate the impacts of Read more »

Methane Capture from Liquid Dairy Manure Storage

Liquid manure storage is a commonly implemented and recognized Best Management Practice (BMP) for addressing water quality concerns. However, liquid Read more »

Dairy Manure Storage & GHG Mitigation

Due to increasing farm size and water quality requirements, more farms are storing manure in order to apply valuable nutrients Read more »

Farm & Forest Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Opportunities

Climate change, caused in part by increased emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere,  is an important issue that Read more »