Climate Smart Farming Videos

Gansvoort Farm

August 2016: Jennifer Phillips of Gansvoort Farm in Germantown, NY explains how variable weather and extreme weather events affect sheep farming. Gansvoort Farm is located in the Hudson Valley and specializes in 100% grass-fed lamb production.

CSF Water Deficit Calculator Tool Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to use the Cornell CSF Water Deficit Calculator, which is part of the suite of Climate Smart Farming agricultural decision support tools.

Stein Farms

July 2014: Interview with Dale Stein of Stein Farms in LeRoy, NY and Bill Verbeten, a Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialist. Stein Farms is an 850 dairy cow farm and field crop producer.

Adaptation and Agriculture

July 2014: Various New York farmers and Cornell University researchers discuss observed changes in extreme weather and climate variability on their farms and what can be done to adapt.

Apple Growers

July 2014: Various apple growers in New York State discuss extreme weather and climate variability impacts on their farms. Producers included in this video include: Rod Farrow, Lamont Fruit Farm, Waterport, NY; Todd Furber, Cherry Lawn Farms, Lake Ontario Region, NY; and David Coene, Windmill Farms, Lake Ontario Region, NY.