Climate Smart Farming Videos

Stein Farms

July 2014: Interview with Dale Stein of Stein Farms in LeRoy, NY and Bill Verbeten, a Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialist. Stein Farms is an 850 dairy cow farm and field crop producer.

Adaptation and Agriculture

July 2014: Various New York farmers and Cornell University researchers discuss observed changes in extreme weather and climate variability on their farms and what can be done to adapt.

Apple Growers

July 2014: Various apple growers in New York State discuss extreme weather and climate variability impacts on their farms. Producers included in this video include: Rod Farrow, Lamont Fruit Farm, Waterport, NY; Todd Furber, Cherry Lawn Farms, Lake Ontario Region, NY; and David Coene, Windmill Farms, Lake Ontario Region, NY.

Common Thread Farm

July 2014: Interview with Wendy Burkhart-Spiegel of Common Thread Farm in Madison, NY. Common Thread Farm is a CSA that emphasizes locally-produced food and is committed to the NOFA Organic Farmer’s Pledge.

Cornell Maple

July 2015: Steve Childs, the NYS Maple Specialist at Cornell Maple located in Ithaca, NY discusses extreme weather, climate variability, and adaptations taken to overcome weather challenges.

Farming for Energy

July 2014: This video, produced by Conservation Bridge, highlights the importance and benefits of on-farm renewable energy production. Featuring: Don Jensen of Lawnhurst Farms and Chip Bailey of K.C. Orchards.

Fishkill Farms

Spring 2012: Interview with Mark Doyle, business manager of Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction, NY. Fishkill Farms is a small organic orchard that specializes in apple production and is dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

Hahn Farm

March 2012: Interview with Tom Hahn, owner and operator of Hahn Farm in Salt Point, NY. Hahn Farm began dairy farming in the late 18th century and has since diversified production to include grass-fed beef, vegetables, and more.

KC Orchards

July 2014: Interview with Chip Bailey of KC Orchards in Williamson, NY. KC Orchards is an apple orchard that is a net-zero energy farm and is committed to growing and harvesting apples sustainably.

Lawnhurst Farms

July 2014: Interview with Don Jensen of Lawnhurst Farms in Stanley, NY and Jennifer Pronto, a research associate at Cornell University. Lawhurst Farms is a dairy operation that recently installed an anaerobic digester.

McEnroe Organic Farms

July 2014: Interview with Erich McEnroe of McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, NY. McEnroe Organic Farm is a diversified 1200 acre farm specializing in a commercial compost operation.

Oechsner Farm

July 2015: Thor Oechsner of Oechsner Farm located in Ithaca, NY discusses extreme weather and climate variability.