CSF Resources and Best Management Practices

CSF Six Key Strategies For Farmers

In the Northeastern United States, climate-related risks such as extreme rainfall, drought, heat stress, changing disease and pest pressure, and Read more »

Cornell CSF Decision Tools: One-page usage and reference guides

The Climate Smart Farming decision support tools are used when making informed decisions about production systems based on location-specific climate Read more »

CCE Forage Cutting Updates

Central New York CCE provides updates for forage quality cutting and recommended cutting heights. If you have questions regarding the Read more »

USDA Adaptation Resources for Agriculture

    The USDA has recently released its Adaptation Resources for Agriculture report for “responding to climate variability and change in Read more »

Comet Farm

    COMET-Farm is a whole farm and ranch carbon and greenhouse gas accounting system. The tool guides you through describing Read more »

CCE Forage Exchange

    Producers or growers with surplus forage or corn may use this site for free to list what they Read more »

USDA Cover Cropping Factsheet

    The USDA Northeast Regional Climate Hubs are in the process of releasing a series of factsheets on climate Read more »


    PRO-DAIRY links New York’s dairy farmers and agribusiness professionals to critical research and resources, giving them the information they Read more »

Science for a Hungry World

    The NASA “Science for a Hungry World” video series covers the challenges surrounding feeding an ever growing population Read more »

Maine’s Climate Future: Assessment Report

    Published by the University of Maine, Maine’s Climate Future is a comprehensive assessment of climate change in Maine. Read more »

NRCS Technical Publications

    The Plant Materials Program is an extensive listing of technical publications organized by topics such as Climate Change, Cover Read more »

Connecticut Ag Impact Report

    Published by the Connecticut Governor’s Steering Committee on Climate Change, this report analyses the potential impacts of climate Read more »