Climate Smart Farming Decision Tools

Cutting-edge tools to help farmers manage climate risk.

CSF Growing Degree Day Calculator

Plots Growing Degree Days (GDD) to help predict plant development and pest/disease outbreaks, and provides a climatological context.

CSF Water Deficit Calculator

Monitors current and forecasted soil water deficit at your location to allow efficient water management and smart scheduling of irrigation.

CSF New York State / Northeast Drought Atlas

This brand new product, courtesy of Dr. Toby Ault and his research group, is designed to portray drought and drought risk in new and useful ways to agriculturalists.

CSF Climate Change in Your County

Find out how the climate has changed in your county since 1950, and what is projected over the next century.

Climate Smart Farming Extension Team

Let us help you increase your farm's resiliency and sustainability.

Dr. Kitty O’Neil,
Field Crops & Soil Health

Laura McDermott,
Small Fruit

Elizabeth Buck,
Vegetable Specialist

Lindsay Ferlito,
Dairy Management

Jim O'Connell,
Grapes, Berries & Farm Labor Specialist

Dr. Deborah Aller,
Soils & Agricultural Stewardship

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Resources and Best Management Practices

Reduce emissions. Increase resiliency and profitability. Realize opportunities.


Climate Smart Farming Multimedia

Gain first-hand knowledge via farmer success stories and demos.