Climate Smart Farming Resource

Preparing Smallholder Farm Families to Adapt to Climate Change

Preparing smallholder farm families to adapt to climate change is a series of five pocket guides: (1) Extension practice for agricultural adaptation, (2) Managing crops, (3) Managing water resources, (4) Managing soils, and (5) Managing livestock.

Each pocket guide follows a 4 step approach (Understanding – Assessing – Recognizing – Mobilizing) to help small scale farms develop and implement effective adaptation measures to reduce their vulnerability to climate change. Each of the five pocket guides can be downloaded below.

  1. Extension practices for agricultural adaption: Climate Change Field Guide: Extension Practice for Ag Adaptation
  3. Managing crops: Yet to be published
  5. Managing water resources: Climate Change Field Guide: Managing Water Resources
  7. Managing Soils: Yet to be published
  9. Managing Livestock: Yet to be published

Developer: Catholic Relief Services, US AID, MEAS
Cost: Free
Time Investment: Not Applicable