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Latest Drought Newsletter from the Emergent Climate Risk Lab

Read the second Drought Newsletter from Cornell’s Emergent Climate Risk Lab (ECRL) headed up by Dr. Toby R. Ault.  This is the second issue in this newsletter series and highlights include an overview of current drought conditions in the Northeastern United States, predicted changes in drought conditions and an introduction to the CICSS and ECRL newly launched drought visualization tool.

Cornell Dairy Environmental Service

The Cornell Dairy Environmental Service program aims to reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming through providing resources and information that pertain to critical aspects of dairy farming in the Northeast.

USDA Climate Hubs

    The USDA Regional Climate Change Hubs deliver information to farmers, ranchers and forest land owners to help them adapt Read more »

EPIC and APEX Models

The Environmental Policy Integrated Climate (EPIC) Model is a cropping system model developed to by Texas A&M that simulates roughly Read more »

Farm Energy, Carbon, and Greenhouse Gases

The Farm, Energy, Carbon, and Greenhouse Gas Fact Sheet provides useful information on the challenges, opportunities, and best management practices surrounding these topics.