Climate Smart Farming (CSF) Program Contacts


Contact Email
CSF Extension Team (New York Pilot Program)
Luke Haggerty, Viticulture Extension Specialist
Lake Erie Regional Grape Program
Laura McDermott, Fruit & Vegetable Specialist Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Team
Kim Morrill, Dairy Specialist
Northern NY Regional Extension Team
Kitty O’Neil, Field Crops and Soils Specialist
Northern NY Regional Extension Team
Darcy Telenko, Extension Vegetable Specialist
Cornell Vegetable Program
Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture
Allison Chatrchyan, CICCA Director
Agricultural stakeholder research & engagement
Mike Hoffmann, CICCA Exec. Director
Climate change partnerships and entomology
Joana Chan, CICCA Post-Doctoral Fellow
Agricultural stakeholder research & engagement
Jonathan Lambert, CICCA Program Assistant
CSF research and outreach projects
Rick Moore, CSF Tools Programmer
Brian Belcher, CSF Tools Programmer
New York Research and Extension Contacts (Cornell University CALS)
Shorna Allred, DNR Associate Professor
Agricultural stakeholder research & engagement
Toby Ault, EAS Assistant Professor
Climate change modeling and seasonal forecasts
Art DeGaetano, EAS Professor
Director, Northeast Regional Climate Center
Climate data, and agricultural modeling and tools
Curt Gooch, BEE Sr. Extension Associate
Pro-Dairy and national climate change projects
Deb Grantham, Sr. Extension Associate
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Todd Walter, BEE Professor
Director, NYS Water Resources Institute
David Wolfe, Horticulture Professor
Climate change research and assessments
Josh Woodard, Dyson Assistant Professor
Climate risk and economic models
NE Regional Partners
David Hollinger, USDA Forest Service
Forestry and ecosystem research
Director, USDA NE Regional Climate Hub
Erin Lane, USDA Forest Service & Project Manager, USDA NE Regional Climate Hub
Howard Skinner, USDA ARS
Pasture Systems and Watershed Research
USDA NE Regional Climate Hub